Crushed V

As the finale of our five-part, four-man fuck-o-rama unfolds, Axel, aFFon and Yoshi are stacked with asses out, still ready for action on a tall iron rack. Just below, Lang lies down and looks up to admire the meaty butts, his tongue wagging in anticipation. A river of sticky lube leaks out of the three asses above onto Lang’s muscular chest. Starting from the bottom, he uses the lube on his gloved hands to plow into each asshole, fisting Axel and Yoshi with both arms plunging in at once.

Spurts of piss mix with lube and the sex-starved studs lick up the juicy concoction. Yoshi spits a gob into Axel’s open mouth. They lie on the floor as Lang and aFFon jerk their dicks just above, ready to blast. Axel fucks his tool deep into aFFOn then Lang rewards him with a hot splatter into his happy face. Yoshi licks and sucks the load still spurting from the masked muscleman, drooling it into Axel’s ravenous mouth.


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