Secrets of the beguiling house at the heart of Jake Jaxson’s HAPPY ENDINGS are revealed in Part 3 with Greyson Myles & Lane Colten as two lonely, broken young men who find love through passionate, liberating sex in each other’s arms. Their romantic tale, spiced with a little kink, unfolds under the watchful eye of Shae Reynolds in his CockyBoys […]

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Kinbaku -Creak-

Shibari master Encho binds up Yo-ichi in coils and knots of firm hemp rope. As he goes about his work, the scratching of the hemp strands and the creaking of the beam above echo through the room with an eerie majesty. Yo-ichi hangs in mid-air, suspended, moaning in helpless immobile pleasure. Intrigued by Yo-ichi’s firm plump ass, Encho spanks him […]

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