Logan, Chapter 8: Surprise for Steele

Logan excitedly entered and laid on the table. Dr. Wolf assisted in undressing the eager boy, Mr. Steele joined and slipped Logan his DILF tongue as the rest of his clothes were coming off. The two older, larger men had the smaller youth get on all fours. Mr. Steele dove his mouth deep into the little pink hole, his tongue darting straight in while Dr. Wolf stroked Logan’s stiff rod.

After teasing the boy to his limits, the good doctor had Logan lay on his back with his legs spread and up in the air, presenting his hole again, this time so the machine could capture the flesh that would soon be invading his insides. Dr. Wolf readied the ultrasound wand, and Mr. Steele brought his own hard wand to the boy’s hungry hole. He slipped it in and watched in amazement as his big man dick made its way deep into the small-framed boy’s hole. Dr. Wolf stroked the boy’s stiff cock as Mr. Steele began to pump in and out.

It was all too much for Logan: between the massive man cock impaling him and Dr. Wolf’s giant hand stroking him, the boy blew his load all over himself. This, in turn, sent Mr. Steele over the edge. Watching and feeling Logan spasm around his rigid cock sent the cum from the older man’s balls gushing out of his cock into the boy’s guts, leaving all three of them satisfied, each in his own way.