Scout Noah, Chapter 4: Ankle Splint

As we kissed, I saw Scoutmaster Stone making brief eye-contact with Mike and the next thing I knew, Mike had shuffled over to me and was unbuttoning my shirt, seemingly not at all phased by what was happening. Scoutmaster Stone pulled away from me, and I looked over at Mike who had a big, dirty grin on his face. My heart started to pound with excitement.

Scoutmaster Stone was soon leaning over me, kissing me hungrily, pulling Mike’s hands onto my body. Moments later I was kissing Mike. There was suddenly something so incredibly sexy about him. The fact that he was taking the whole situation in his stride was hot as hell and it made me fucking horny. I started to undress him. I wanted him naked. Scoutmaster Stone was kneeling next to us, stripping while watching us make. I wanted to give him the mother of all floor shows.

I broke away from Mike and started attending to the Scoutmaster’s bulge, fumbling to unbuckle his leather belt before unzipping his jeans and pulling his rock-hard dick out of his pants. It was every bit as beautiful and impressive as I’d imagined. I squatted down and started to suck it. It tasted amazing. I could feel Mike’s hand running down the back of my shorts, over my ass cheeks and towards my hole.

As I sucked the Scoutmaster’s dick, I could sense that he was looking at Mike and smiling. It’s weird to say that I felt a bit jealous, but I did. The idea that they were secretly communicating made me feel a little paranoid but I pushed those thoughts aside and focused on giving Scoutmaster Stone the most awesome blow job. Judging by his moans and groans, I was doing an okay job. I fought the will to choke with every part of my body while he whispered “just keep your mouth on it…”