Prisoner Of War: 10 Years Later

The bonds forged in wartime are like none other, which is why every year for the last ten years, Allen King has returned to the battlefield hoping to meet Commander Paddy O’Brian. After some reminiscences, Paddy wants to leave everything that happened in the past, and the best way to put it behind them is to get behind the bottom. […]

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TROOP TIME Chapter 20 – Bump in the Night

At this time of year, when the nights are much colder, the Scoutmasters tend to share tents with the Scouts. It feels safer to be grouped together, particularly if there’s a storm. Of course I made sure I was sharing with young Scout Serg. I’ve wanted another night in his delightful company since we made love during the summer. I […]

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Stroking with Scoutmaster

Landon, Colton and I met up in my tent while the rest of the Scouts were on a night-time hike. We knelt in a cluster, facing inwards, and I told them to undo their belts and remove their pants. I pulled Colton’s hand towards my dick and he started to tug at it. Seconds later, Landon reached out and followed […]

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