SCOUT NOAH Chapter 1 – The Pledge

I entered the office and sat down opposite Scoutmaster Tides. He ordered me to stand and recite the pledge, but as he approached me with the pin, I felt my knees turning to jello.
Then he stared at me for the longest time before pushing his soft lips against mine. I’d never kissed a dude before. It felt a little weird but the more we kissed, the more I got into it.

He pulled my shirt off and let my shorts drop to the ground, cupping my rock-hard dick in the palm of his hands. Then he pushed me against the desk and squatted behind me. I felt his tongue running over my ass cheeks and then gliding into my hole.

He stood up behind me and I glanced around to see him undoing the belt of his uniform pants. I knew what was coming. I didn’t know how it would feel but I knew I wanted it.

Then I felt the tip of his dick pressing between my ass cheeks. It felt impossibly large. But then, in one single thrust, he pushed it all the way into me. It was actually happening. I was losing my virginity! I was his boy, his plaything.

He pushed me onto my back on the desk and thrust his dick back into me, driving it harder and harder while staring down into my face. Faster and faster he went. Then he pulled his huge dick out of me and…