Desire Dange and Kevin Sportwear

We’re in a small, dingy office in a lap-dancing club. The club’s MC, Kevin, is dressed smartly in a red and black formal uniform with a sexy, white bow tie. He’s interviewing Desire, a potential new stripper. First impressions are good: Desire is handsome and well-turned-out.
He also has the sort of glint in his eye which is very likely to get Kevin’s pulse racing.

Desire shows Kevin his act, slowly and seductively removing his clothes while gyrating, pulsating and writhing in time to the music. He’s good. Very good. Kevin is immediately aroused and finds it impossible not to touch himself. Almost involuntarily, he finds himself pulling his world-class dick out of his uniform pants and stroking it wantonly.

Desire instantly drops to his knees and starts to give Kevin’s beautiful manhood the attention it’s craving, sucking him eagerly. Kevin removes his uniform jacket, exposing a well-fitted, beautifully-tailored vest. He unbuckles his belt and pulls his pants down, thrusting his twitching dick deep into Desire’s hungry mouth.

The encounter becomes a formal-clothes-lover’s dream. Kevin remains in his shirt and bow tie while his dick is fully serviced. Later on, he stays similarly attired as he turns Desire to the wall and pushes his meat into the horny stripper. Kevin bangs hard, fast and with extraordinary stamina. This is a masterclass in relentlessness.
After some time, Kevin removes his bow tie and starts to undo his shirt, revealing a stunningly chiseled torso, while never once altering the pace of his rock hard thrusts. This is the very definition of long-dicking.

All good things, of course, must come to an end, and Kevin pulls out just as Desire begins to spray his load. Kevin immediately returns the favor, cumming obscenely large amounts all over Desire’s muscular thigh.