TROOP TIME Chapter 20 – Bump in the Night

At this time of year, when the nights are much colder, the Scoutmasters tend to share tents with the Scouts. It feels safer to be grouped together, particularly if there’s a storm. Of course I made sure I was sharing with young Scout Serg. I’ve wanted another night in his delightful company since we made love during the summer. I was furious beyond words when we discovered that Scoutmaster Banner’s tent had collapsed and that he and Scout Damien needed to share ours.

We rolled out our sleeping bags and bedded down. A noise outside freaked Scout Damien out so Scoutmaster Banner gave him a protective hug. Within seconds they were kissing passionately. Serg and I soon followed suit. The whole tent suddenly felt like it was exploding with sexual energy.

I slid my big raw dick into Scout Serg’s ass as Banner squatted behind Scout Damien and did the same to him. Both boys gasped so hard that we were forced to cover their mouths with our hands. Banner has an amazing fat dick and watching him tearing Damien’s tiny hole apart was a thing of great beauty.

I pulled out. I was getting real close to nutting and didn’t want to until I’d had a go on Scout Damien. I was also eager to watch Banner doing his thing with Scout Serg. We switched places and got to work on our new partners. Scoutmaster Banner was soon banging Serg with extreme energy, plainly loving every second. He somehow managed to pull Serg onto his lap and the boy got so excited that he instantly exploded.

I continued to bang Damien for some time, the boy clinging onto me like a koala until I was left with no other option but to shoot deep inside his quivering stomach.

Banner pulled out of Scout Serg and blew his big load over the boy’s belly, grunting like a buffalo as the cum surged out of him.