TROOP TIME Chapter 20 – Bump in the Night

At this time of year, when the nights are much colder, the Scoutmasters tend to share tents with the Scouts. It feels safer to be grouped together, particularly if there’s a storm. Of course I made sure I was sharing with young Scout Serg. I’ve wanted another night in his delightful company since we made love during the summer. I […]

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Jacob Hansen

Jacob Hansen sits serene on a beautiful mountain near sexy Sin City. After a fun chat, the camera catches hottie Hansen hiking up the majestic mountain when the sun is at its highest, shining bright on Jacob’s beautiful body as he strips down. When he finally reaches the top, he teases over his underwear, then sheds them confidently as he […]

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Cum To My Car

Let’s be honest. Sometimes, when you get home, a warm, and sexy, mouth is immediately needed. So much so that waiting to get indoors is close to impossible. That’s the dilemma Colby Chambers faces in today’s update. He’s shirtless, in the driveway, leaning against a car. Tyler Tanner is in front of Colby. On his knees. He pulls down Colby’s […]

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Cowboy and the Quarterback

In this week’s ColbyKnox update, Drake Von is decked out in football gear. Pads, tight pants that highlight his curvy ass, and a helmet. As he walks, coming up behind him, is Calvin Banks. He’s on an all-terrain vehicle, wearing a cowboy hat. Ripped jeans show off his sturdy thighs. “What’s up, Drake,” Calvin wonders, pulling up. “How did your […]

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Serge Cavalli & Kieran Benning

Sweet couple Serge Cavalli and Kieran Benning have a ‘tasty’ time together when they get naked during today’s photoshoot with a cake. Both Kieran and Serge are hilarious guys and when you add Kevin Warhol to the mix, things get out of control. But some serious work needs to be done as well, so after a crazy, funny, erotic photo […]

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Back to Greece Part 31

Today’s edition of „Back to Greece“ features lots of backstage footage. Jerome Exupery and Kevin Warhol visit the villa to try to find a partner for their own home video. Kevin is not in luck and instead we get to follow Jerome and his lover Riis Erikson on their hot sex adventure. The full-length video of this scene was published […]

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