Scout Ethan, Chapter 6: The Trail

A couple of miles away from base camp, Scout Ethan started acting a bit weird. He was plainly trying to tell me something and then suddenly blurted out that he wanted the two of us to hang out for a little longer. He said the words in a way which left me in no doubt that he was coming on to me. I looked into his beautiful blue eyes and knew that resistance was futile.

Within seconds, we were making out passionately. He was a wonderful kisser and this was plainly not his first experience with a man. As he ran the palm of his hand hungrily up and down the bulge in my pants, I’d already decided that I was gonna fuck him.

He pushed me against a tree and started to undress me, unzipping my shirt before falling to his knees to worship my dick. The boy was soon almost swallowing me whole!

I turned my Scoutboy to face the tree and pulled his shorts down. He arched his back and I had my tongue inside his hole pretty darned quick.

I stood behind him and started to push my meat into his ass. It took me the longest time to get my big daddy dick inside him, but it was worth it. I started slowly and gently. I’ve seldom fucked anything so profoundly satisfying. There was something epic about doing him in the open air—natural setting, natural sex—my bulky thighs providing the power, my tanned dick sliding in and out of his peachy, pale ass…