Why Choose Freshmen Carwash? Expert Team: Our skilled professionals know the ins and outs of car care. Premium Products: We use high-quality cleaning products to ensure the best results. Unique Experience: Our wash isn’t just a service; it’s an event. Convenient Location: Easily accessible and perfect for a quick yet thorough wash. Visit Us Today! Ready to experience the best […]

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Mike, Tiger and Kamel

An abandoned building sits on the outskirts of Bordeaux. Concrete walls are daubed in graffiti. Grass and moss cling to the floor. Kamel is trespassing. He doesn’t care. He leans against a wall and lights a cigarette, rubbing his crotch expectantly. He pulls his dick out and gently massages it. It soon becomes apparent that Kamel is not alone. Mike […]

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Charlie & Bastian

Huge dick pairing alert comes into effect today as we present Bastian Dufy and Charlie Bogard together as joint models of the week. These pictures were taken for us by guest photographer, Rick Day on location at our regular chateau outside of Prague. While we probably would have liked to see a few more pictures of them together we are […]

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Jerome & Riis

Farm hands? Construction workers? It is hard to say who Jerome Exupery and Riis Erikson are supposed to be here in today’s photoset, but then as long as they are as hot and sexy as they are, should we even care? Deftly avoiding all the nettles while following Benno’s instruction here, we get a beautifully crafted and sexy models of […]

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Bench Blowjobs

Sewas knows when it’s time to reward a good boy! Caruso has been one and now he’ll have the chance to take some sun in the bench while Sewas gives him an amazing handjob, blowjob and everything necessary to get Caruso’s cum out!        

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