Apprentice Tate, Chapter 7: The Ordination

I could tell that Apprentice Tate was similarly taken aback when he entered. He was probably also a bit freaked out to find me sitting there. I’m aware that I have a reputation for being a little aloof, maybe even bordering on uncaring. I make no apologies for this, of course; it gives me an edge and I believe it’s vital to maintain an air of suspicion at all times.

But when a boy’s come as far as he has come, it’s impossible to suppress the warmer version of myself. If truth be told, I felt incredibly proud of him and knew this was going to have a profound effect on the way that I carried out my duties. As I sat next to him on the couch and looked into those big blue eyes, I felt genuine desire stirring in my loins.

I instructed him to remove his shirt and tie. The boy has never quite mastered the art of tying a proper knot, but there is a considerable amount of charm in the effort that he puts into that particular task. As he unbuttoned his shirt, he fixed me with a lust-laden look.

He stood up to remove his pants. His belt squeaked and rattled metallically as it was unbuckled. My dick twitched. There are some noises which I associate almost exclusively with sex, and that was one of them. As is, of course, the sound of a fly being slowly unzipped. That particular sound is imbued with anticipation. Will the boy already be hard? Does he yet know how much he wants this?