Grant, Chapter 1: After Hours

I flipped him over and got on top of him. Sweet little fuck-toy that he was, he reached down between us to rub my cock against his clearly hungry hole. Of course I could only take so much of that before I had to put it in him. He was tight like a boy should be, but he opened right up for me and hardly struggled to take it at all. He just laid there with his cheeks spread letting me fuck him, alternating between giggling and almost weeping in pleasure.

I might not have been his first cock, but I was his first grown man and I showed him what it’s like to be used by a full-grown man. I’m pretty sure none of his little friends had ever fucked him like I did. Eventually, I decided I wanted to lay back and let him ride me and he was more than eager.

There is just nothing like laying back on a bed watching a hot little twink use his hole to get you off and knowing that he clearly loves it as much as you do. This was a boy who has gotten a taste for big tall men with fat cocks and I don’t think anything else will be enough now. Just to make sure, I pulled him back against my chest and raised his legs in the air, leaving him defenseless against my assault on his hole.

He was loving every deliberate thrust and jerking his prick, racing toward shooting his boy load. I could feel the delicious sensation of his body quivering inside as his balls prepared to explode and I was not far behind him. I fucked my seed deep into his hot little body…