Logan, Chapter 6: The Fitting

Since discovering my sexual orientation and recognizing a specific attraction to older men, I’ve searched online to explore this interest further. Initially, my focus was on considerably older male figures, particularly those with a friendly and approachable demeanor, one often characterized by beards and chest hair, such as teachers.

I needed a suit for an upcoming function, and for that I needed measurements. I won’t mince words here, I had walked past one particular tailor countless times over the years while hanging out with friends or shopping with family. The tailor was a gorgeous man in his late 40s or possibly early 50s. He was massive and in incredible shape with a classically handsome face. I needed a reason to go in and see him, and now I finally had one.

Thankfully, the tailor, Mr. Steele, immediately disarmed me. He was friendly and charming as he led me to tuxedos in my size. I picked out the one that stood out to me, my mind racing, and tried it on behind a partition he had set up in the studio. I found it odd that in this day and age, a set up like this was acceptable, but I didn’t think beyond that. Especially since the tailor seemed to be watching. Which in turn, made me unconsciously go slow and show off as much as I could…