Serg, Chapter 5: Double Daddies

Dr. Wolf kept the introduction between the two very brief. They all knew why they were there. Dinner was done. Dr. Wolf caressed Serg and kissed him. Soon enough Serg was staring down two massive cocks, rock-hard and ready to be milked. Serg found himself stark naked, his body being felt and tasted by these men. He was in heaven.

Dr. Wolf let Mr. Steele go first. The tailor slid his enormous cock into the boy’s ravenous hole. Serg moaned in delight as he felt his insides rearranged by the gray-haired tailor. Dr. Wolf took the opportunity to join Mr. Steele and slowly began to stuff his own cock into Serg’s yearning hole, eliciting louder and louder moans of ecstasy out of the boy.

Mr. Steele’s legs are spread wide as the boy rides his cock. Dr. Wolf noticed Mr. Steele’s man-hole on clear display and yearning for a cock. Dr. Wolf used some spit to lube up his dick and the tailor’s hole, before he began to slide in. Now, both Serg and Mr. Steele could feel a giant-of-a-man sliding in and out.