Max, Chapter 4: Workday Distraction

Ever since Max made an appointment to see Dr. Wolf for a check up about his physical development, the little guy has been smitten with the big doctor, and Dr. Wolf is more than happy to help boost little Max’s self esteem by fucking him on a regular basis. Max knew Dr. Wolf was working from home and decided to stop by and see him.

Dr. Wolf was trying to get some paperwork done. It seemed like every week that went by required more and more forms to sign and reports to fill out. The doctor couldn’t resist his current favorite funsize boy, though, and it didn’t take much for Max to convince Dr. Wolf that all work and no play makes for a horny frustrated doctor.

Dr. Wolf had a surprise for his little guy, though. While Max was on his knees sucking the doctor’s massive dripping cock, Dr. Wolf pulled out his cell phone and started recording. Max looked up and caught him, but he just went back to chowing down on his favorite toy. Pretty soon, though, Dr. Wolf was ready to spear that cock into a tight boy hole. He pulled Max up into his lap for a long hard ride. Max rode for a while, then Dr. Wolf held him up and fucked him. The good doctor laid him down on his chair and pumped him full of cum!