Shay’s Anal Ultrasound

Lately, Dr. Wolf has been too busy for Shay to come over to the house for play time, so Shay took matters into his own little hands! He called Dr. Wolf’s office and made an appointment to see him. Dr. Wolf knows what the little guy’s game is, but he’s missed their time together, too, and he’s willing to play along.

Dr. Wolf figures that, if they are fucking in his exam room, it’s the perfect time to show Shay his ultrasound machine. Dr. Wolf loves watching boys see him fucking them from the inside. He also loves watching his extra-large cock rearranging a boy’s guts and filling them up with a hot sticky load of doctor cum.

Dr. Wolf knows that the little guy will get a thrill when he sees himself on the ultrasound machine. Shay lubed himself up before he came into the office and he’s gotten practiced at taking the Doctor’s extra-large rod. He sucks on it for a minute to get it wet and then sits down on it and starts riding.

Dr. Wolf has to make Shay stop before he fills the boy up. The doctor gets his patient back up on the table, turns the ultrasound machine on and they both watch as the Doctor’s huge cock stretches Shay’s hole open and spears up into the boy’s guts.

Every growing young man can use a healthy injection of vitamin cum and Dr. Wolf was going to give Shay an extra large dose before he sent the boy home.