Introducing Ryder Rockwell

We follow lusty Las Vegas native, and new boy on the scene, Ryder Rockwell as he takes his morning jog around the neighborhood. The tight bodied twenty-three year old is absolutely beautiful, with chiseled bone structure, and blazingly bright blue eyes, which he uses to flirt with naughty neighbor, Spikey Dee. The horny newbie takes a break from his brisk […]

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Very Tight Fit

Dripping with desire, sexy, young CJ Parker, and tight bodied beauty Adam Reid are on fire! After a meat- thickening make out that causes Parker’s package to overflow, Reid has a raunchy request. “Let me suck this dick,” he says, then quickly stuffs CJ’s juicy jock down his thirsty throat, in a gagging, gulping good knob job, that has Parker […]

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Dick for Dee

Fresh off his first fire hot, Helix fuck flick, cocksure Cody Hall has the cojones to jump into the deep end, with supersized Spikey Dee! And, may we add, the future superstar’s cock slingin’ swagger will DEFINITELY satisfy! After tangling tongues, the naughty newbie has the respect to kneel at the alter of Dee’s oversized appendage, and deep throat that […]

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Newbie Cock

Two of the freshest young guys we’ve got on our roster, Jack Evans and Spikey Dee go for broke in this naughty newbie nutfest! The pretty pair grope and tangle tongues while tossing clothes to the floor, before Evans turns his attention towards Dee’s already legendary dick. With stars in his eyes and lust on his lips Jack teases the […]

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Three Horny Hotties

Matthew Grey, Jacob Hansen, and Ezra Tanner set the screen on fire in this mega-hot, thirsty boy threesome! Locked in a threeway lip-lock enbrace, the gorgeous group grope, and get down to business right from the jump. Once the clothes hit the floor, jock-strap clad Gray gets busy polishing both his pretty partners’ poles. Miller takes the opportunity to take […]

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Vegas Pride

The night time Pride parade burns neon bright in Vegas; and, Spikey Dee, and new boy, Travis Burton are young, beautiful, and basking in the blazing, colorful carnival, feeling freedom in their young, fresh, fine flesh. After the festivities, the fellas head back to their hotel, and continue the sexy celebration. The make out seshion is hot, and heavy, as […]

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Jacob Hansen

Jacob Hansen sits serene on a beautiful mountain near sexy Sin City. After a fun chat, the camera catches hottie Hansen hiking up the majestic mountain when the sun is at its highest, shining bright on Jacob’s beautiful body as he strips down. When he finally reaches the top, he teases over his underwear, then sheds them confidently as he […]

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Dick for Dante

The tousled mop tops on Spikey Dee, and Dante Clark frame the boy’s handsome faces, as their cock hungry kisses heat up the screen. Wandering hands harden huge cocks, grip firm, tight twink asses, and clothes seem to melt away. The boy’s can’t contain their big, bulging bones as they jut out from their jockey shorts. Dante’s curiosity about Dee’s […]

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