The more you study the less time we have to open up dat ass. Screw your grades, we got horny bros around here with holes to fill. We know exams are stressful, but who cares, there’s nothin better than a hard slippery frat cock to loosen you up pledge.      

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(Bi) Dane Dicks Jamie and Ellis

Dane recently came to CF to have some fun – and he’s not planning on stopping anytime soon! 

This time he brings in Ellis to the room with him – and between Ellis and Jamie, they’re going to show his dick the light! Dane’s toes curled as the two split his cock. The look on the tightly toned blond’s face […]

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Tim & Kyle

Tim and Kyle meet up on the trail, where the guys show off their hairy chests and share some flirty kisses, and by the time they’re back at the house they’re hungry for more. Tim kisses down Kyle’s chest and sucks him, and then the top tells the redhead to sit on his face. Kyle’s tongue in Tim’s hole feels […]

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Zach Gives Back

Zach Letoa, and Noah Bentley are blistering hot as they cme into focus, kissing and exploring one another’s smooth, sexy, young bodies. They can’t help but compliment one another’s attributes as they strip one another down. Bernltey’s big boner is in raging hard, and in desperate need of attention. He tells Zach, “why don’t you go down there, and suck […]

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Dee Can Take It

Hot hunk Derek Shaw has been hearing about the magic in Spikey Dee’s drawers and decides to see for himself. After a must see make out, Derek gets on his knees and worships at the ample alter that is Dee’s delicious dick. Shaw’s got quite the package too, and Spikey goes gangbuster on the brawny boy’s bone. Dee falls in […]

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Introducing Jamar West

Our super popular series, “Introducing” is BACK, and hotter than EVER! New boy on the block, Jamar West is already creating a stir, and causing some serious sizzle! Sexy Silas Brooks interviews the naughty nineteen year old newbie, who’s originally from Florida, but now resides in Atlanta. Brooks gets to the “bottom” (no pun intended) of it ALL, asking the […]

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