Let’s Just All Fuck

Zayne Bright has had enough: Gabe Bradshaw keeps kicking him out of their dorm to hookup with other guys! So Zayne puts his foot down. But when Gabe wants to invite Harley Xavier to hookup, things get heated between Zayne and Gabe.   LOTS MORE at NEXT DOOR STUDIOS      

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Writer’s Block

Nico Coopa needs a new idea for his next book, so he decides to visit his friend Brandon Anderson’s house in the hills for inspiration. But when Nico meets Brandon’s stepbrother, Jack Bailey, Nico finds that he may have found his muse.   see even more at NEXT DOOR STUDIOS      

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Virgin No More: Retaliation

Toby (Jack Bailey) has had enough of Uncle Carl’s (Dale Savage) bullshit. He consults his computer whiz roommate (Trevor Harris) to hack into Uncle Carl’s laptop and plant some incriminating items on the hard drive. When Toby and the roommate seduce Uncle Carl, Carl feels he’s won thelottery. Little does he know they are fucking up his life byplanting evidence […]

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