They swallow punches like it’s candy. Bright neon clothes and all lights on, Axel and Jeffrey are making sure the whole neighborhood can enjoy the show. Feeling extra slutty, they swap spit and squirt on each other while rearranging each other’s guts.   EVEN MORE OF THIS at AXELABYSSE ….     PerformersAxel Abysse

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Nice Muscles

There’s no point denying yourself the pleasures of life when they land on your couch with a hard dick, and you’re horny. It’s a good thing Philip Kiss and Alpan Stone think like we do. Philip was the first one down on the couch after a long weekend of wrestling, followed by Alpan, equally as exhausted, but both of their […]

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Wrestling Twink Take Down

Young wrestling twinks Amon Volkov and Adam Keller spend much time together, practicing for their meets. Except whoever gets pinned isn’t always the loser. Amon takes Adam to the ground and pins him. You would think that would be the end, but actually, it was just the start. Dick is the prize as Adam straddles Amon on the ground while […]

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Pyramid Bros

The twinks on the gymnastics team are practicing their pyramids, but as Kane Fox and Sam Ledger take turns being on top, they find themselves finding chances for sneaky cock-sucking, rimming, and even doggystyle fucking right under their teammates’ noses. When the others finally notice, the pyramid collapses, but Kane and Sam keep 69ing. Kane pounds the bottom on the […]

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Stress Free

I can admit that I’m a huge tease. Like, huge. Part of the thrill is when I know guys want to fuck, and I play it off while their hard dicks are standing at attention, just waiting for me to do something with it. That’s just how it happened when Alpan came over to my house after wrestling practice. We […]

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