Timmy Takes Elijah’s Big Tool

Aussies Do It’s latest find is an expatriate German 18 year old bottom with a bit of class and a little sass. Timmy doesn’t mince words when he tells the director he prefers having sex with Aussie men, the reason being that dirty talk is a lot more fun in English. He’s slim and goodlooking, with dirty blond hair that he can’t really pinpoint as to the exact color. Obviously happy to be paired with hot, hung hunk Elijah for this first outing, he’s more than ready to get into gear for his initial porn shoot.

Elijah is his usual thoroughbred beauty complete with stallion-sized cock, his gleaming smile and multiple tattoos just what Timmy looks for in a potential hookup. They start with the usual kissing, more passionate and driven than many models getting together for the first time. for an 18-year old, Timmy knows his way around a big cock, gulps it down gladly and with finesse.These studs waste no time getting to the main event, and Elijah reaches down to open up Timmy’s hole with a few slick fingers as he’s getting blown. His cock slides in smooth, strong and deep, and Timmy lets out some very Germanic guttural groans of satisfaction. Sorry, Timmy, but this hookup isn’t full of that hot and dirty English fuck talk you’re fond of. Elijah and Timmy communicate more with primal grunts and happy groans.