A chat between BelAmi models normally covers topics such as solving the problem of world hunger how to achieve peace in the Middle East, the existence of god, or how to find guy with an ass capable of taking both the width Jack’s dick and the length of Joel’s. Luckily the guys find the answer to one of life’s big questions today in the person of Jon Kael, who turns out to be a lover of both thick, and long cocks. This video is a combination of selfie and home video, so sometimes the camera work is a little raw, but the sex is certainly hot, and the chemistry between the guys, amazing. Jon is definitely the star here as every stroke from his buddies’ big dicks stretch him open and drive him closer and closer to a state of ecstasy. Finally, Jack and Joel have got their wish and they show their appreciation in the most typical BelAmi way and cover Jon’s ass in 2 huge loads of cum


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