Helmut & Alan

One good thing about having a boyfriend in the porn business is that he is always willing to help out and find new boys to hook up with. Whenever some new guy seems to catch Helmut’s eye, Jerome is only too quick to arrange a ‘scene’ to give Helmut an excuse to fuck all the new guys he desires.

Today’s newbie to fall into the Helmut/Jerome trap is Alan Cartier. For a relative newbie, Alan is certainly not shy or backward and is not in awe of Helmut at all, but instead ends up pushing Helmut quite a bit more than other freshmen do, putting an end to the usual tomfoolery pretty quickly and getting down to the main event.

Apart from being very self-assured, Alan seems to tick every other box on our ‘porn star requirements’ list. He is handsome, has a great body, big dick, and loves to fuck, even Helmut’s XL buddy proves to be no challenge for him, keeping him rock-hard throughout the fuck until both guys explode in orgasm and the combined juices of both guys end up covering Alan all over.


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