Helmut and Tom

Surprisingly, this is the first time that Helmut and Tom have a scene all on their own. For Christmas last year they hooked up together with Ashton and they have another couple of scenes together that will be coming our way in the future.

The premise of the scene is quite simple, Helmut believes that with a nice car, it will be easy to pick up cute guys. Of course, he is right (if you are willing to discount the fact that Tom also works for us and had a scene scheduled today anyhow) and it makes for a fun little introduction.

The main deal is the sex though, and when we combine 2 guys who we know get along really well off-camera, the scene is almost guaranteed to be great. Despite a few feeble protests from Tom, the pair are pretty quickly naked and Tom is getting his first taste of Helmut’s huge dick.

For those of you who are interested in a little schadenfreude, the week after filming this, Helmut got in a bit of an accident and his ‘new car’ was a write-off! Luckily no-one got hurt, but it should teach Helmut a lesson about showing off in the future 😉


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