Oscar & Ethan

Today Oscar Scholz is taking on the role of tour guide for Ethan O’Pry as they escape the production house for a little private adventure. Ethan, as is custom in Andalusia, elects to show his gratitude by offering up his hot, Hungarian hole for Oscar’s use and pleasure. No subtitles today as we are lucky enough to have to guys who have functioning levels of English and no other common language. Not that many words are needed as soon as they hit the bed.

This steamy encounter between 2 very sexy and horny guys starts to burn as soon as they get back in the house, with the guys ripping off each other’s clothes before they even reach the bedroom. The sucking and rimming end when Oscar can’t wait any longer and plunges his rock-hard cock into Ethan who responds with moans of pleasure. There is only one way that things can end here, and we are happy that Marty Stevens was there to catch it all on camera for BelAmiOnline.com



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