Cute Aussie Connor Peters

Over the Australian winter break I was doing a series of shoots with a few of our cute mates. I took the opportunity to catch up with my beautiful mate Connor Peters. It’s been a few months since we last met for his shoot with Nate over summer. I was really keen to catch up with him, take some new photos and make a hot video. Connor picked out a jockstrap and footy shoots to wear in this shoot. And I gotta say, his bum looks great in that jockstrap. I took a load of photos of Connor showing off in the jockstrap and then peeling them off to reveal his fat uncut dick. I had planned for Connor to do a solo jerk off video. But I ended up jumping in to tongue fuck his perfect bum and suck on his beautiful cock. I’m so glad we got to meet up during the break and take these great photos. Connor is always a lot of fun to shoot with.


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