Benny Fox gets his Christmas

The most fun shoot of the year is here. I lined up my mates Benny Fox, Byron Atwood and Dylan Anderson to get dressed up for our annual Christmas 3 way shoot. The boys were pretty keen to get our new mate Benny into a Santa Claus and Elf sandwich. And I gotta say, Byron looks so dam cute in his elf outfit. Though he reckons it makes him look like Peter Pan. We start out taking some photos with the guys pulling off Benny’s underwear and feeding him their cocks. They were getting really horny. So I changed to the video camera to catch them taking turns as fucking Benny on the bed. Eventually blowing a load of cum in his face. They look so happy and satisfied as they lay spent on the bed. The photos and the video look great! And the boys had a lot of fun making this one.

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