Aussie boy Andy Conboi

A few weeks ago I spotted this cute red headed guy at my gum wearing tight shorts. I recognised him from photos I’d seen him posting on social media. A couple of days later we got chatting and I told him about my website. I suggested he should come and model for me. And to my surprise he was really keen! So I organised a day for 23 year old Aussie Andy Conboi to drop around to the studio. We had a lot of fun doing this shoot. Aside from being really cute and having one of the nicest bums I’ve seen, Andy is really fun and full of energy. After picking out a cute outfit for his first shoot we got busy taking a lot of photos getting naked. I gotta say that Andy looks great in a little jockstrap. We also made a hot video where our new mate squirts a huge load of cum across his chest and face. I’m so happy we met. Andy is gonna look great matching up with our mates this summer.

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