22 y/o David Avila

During my European vacation I got to meet with some very beautiful guys. I hadn’t expected to get so many sexy guys modelling for me in the bleakest part of the Berlin winter. So you can imagine my surprised when 22 year old David Avila arrived at my door soaked from the freezing rain outside. It was his first day visiting Berlin and he was coming to model naked for me?? We had a little trouble since we didn’t speak the same language, but we managed to get through the shoot okay. In fake the overcast day helped me get some beautiful photos of our newest mate. David is very handsome with a beautiful thick muscly body. I can’t wait to show him the photos later today. I also got him jerking off while I filmed him so we have a nice hot video to add to the site. I think David is a very nice addition to the site and our group of sexy mates. I hope our paths will cross again soon.


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