Aussies Eddie and Andrew

It’s about time I go my cute mates Eddie Archer and Andrew Tran together. I’ve been wanting to get them together ever since Andrew starting doing shoots with us. Both Eddie and Andrew have become good friends of mine but hadn’t actually met. This ended up being the top of my list of couple shoots when I arrived back in Australia. They were pretty keen to meet each other too. After helping each other pick out clothes for the shoot we quickly got down to the business of taking photos. Eddie was first to start pulling off Andrew’s shorts. We were keen to show off the Andrew Christian undies the company had sent us. And I gotta say, they look really cute in them. There’s a lot of kissing as they strip each other naked. But before they get too carried away I started recording to capture Andrew sucking on Eddie’s cock before Eddie gets to fucking our cute mate. The action gets pretty intense in this one as Eddie pounds the hell out of Andrew’s tight hole. This scene turned out even better than I expected.


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