Setting cute Eddie up with Beau Jackson

When I started getting my hot mate Beau Jackson back for new shoots I had some of my other mates in mind for him to meet up with in the studio. My cute mate Eddie Archer came to the top of the list. He was really keen when I told him about Beau. So we all met up at the studio to get some photos and make a new video. And I don’t think I’ve seen Eddie so happy as he’s getting picked up and carried around by his new muscly mate. It’s one of the most fun shoots of the year. And I can see by the look on Beau’s face as Eddie is sucking on his cock that he’s loving the attention too. I worked through the photos quickly so we could move on to making a video. After watching this I can see why so many of my mates are now wanting to come and meet Beau.


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