(Bi) Levi Dicks Dylan and Eva

Dylan and Levi are lookers! Seeing these 2 on the couch as they were getting ready to kick off the action in this bi threeway, I was struck with just how pleasant each is to look at – they’re hot! I can assure you, each is just as pleasant to be around. Of course, Dylan and Levi would be the first to testify to that now – they’re spending some quality time “around”, on top of, and even inside of one another here and each is having a total blast with all of it.
Dylan and Levi would also testify to how much neither can get enough of Eva. She’s a favorite among the guys, and when you throw her in to the action with 2 dudes things seem to get kicked up a notch. That Eva is so turned on by seeing two guys go at it helps get the guys extra fired up.
Dylan, Levi, and Eva all get to benefit from what the rest of us are usually the ones to enjoy here at BCF – seeing hot young college guys and girls go at it. That’s the thing with a threeway like this – you get to do and feel and also watch and see, while being watched and seen. Every button is pushed! In Levi’s case, one of those buttons is the one that makes him fire out a monumental load that’ll blow you away!