Greedy Boys Kamyk & Austin Fuck

We knew you guys would love this duo, and you can bet both Kamyk and Austin were eager to get down to it and share some hot action on the BlakeMason couch. The two are making out and groping for dick in moments, soon slurping on each other’s delicious meat while they swap head. Both of these boys love to suck cock, but with Austin’s long meat eager for more his pal is soon hopping up to impale his pucker down on that rigid dong. It doesn’t take long before their eagerness really shows, with Kamyk’s cock slapping around as he rides, but it only gets more rampant when Austin has his boy on his back with his hands around his throat, pounding his hole! The spooning and reach around is enough to have us all ready to spurt our cream, but hold it back for the wank off finish to see Kamyk being splashed in the face with a huge cum load!



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