The Boy Noah, Chapter 1: The Grooming

Not even Master Stone could resist this Boy! As the DILF starts to undress himself, exposing his well-defined muscles and hairy chest, then unbuckling his belt to free his throbbing cock this beautiful Boy’s body teased him all this time.

As Master Stone inserted himself in Boy Noah, it was like a reawakening for The Boy. The warm, throbbing cock in his wet tight hole was missing part of him that he’d been searching for. His own cock pulsed as his Master began to pump with his rock-hard cock, sending them both into a haze of pleasure.

Both of them moaning louder than before, Master Stone’s cock began sliding in and out of The Boy’s hole faster and faster. Boy Noah began to stroke his own cock and it wasn’t long before he reached his climax, moaning almost innocently as he got rammed harder by his Master.

His young cock shot bursts of cum all over his stomach and he felt one of the greatest pleasures of his life. His moans began to calm as Master Stone backed his throbbing cock out of The Boy’s hole, grabbing a towel and throwing it to the Slaveboy so he could clean himself up.

Boy Noah was left there feeling incomplete again, wanting to keep pleasing his Master even as his afterglow began to fade. Any signs of being nervous were gone and all he wanted to do now was to please.


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