The Boy Noah, Chapter 2: The Auction

Master Marko had Boy Noah return to his position on all fours and dove face first between The Boy’s cheeks, letting his tongue dart into the sweet hole. He rubbed his beard all over the boy’s supple ass.

Noah was spun like a toy in whatever direction his Masters needed to position him. He swallowed Master Marko’s fat, rigid cock as Master Stone undressed behind them. Despite Boy Noah’s eagerness to serve, he could barely fit it all in his mouth.

Well, if one end can’t do it, Master Marko will simply use the other. He commanded the boy to turn back around so he could stick it inside the boy’s tight, hungry little hole. The head went in with some resistance, squeezing pathetic moans out of the boy. Eventually, much like Boy Noah, it gave in. The rest of the shaft slid in slowly. As Master Marko began to pump in and out of his newest acquisition, Master Stone stuffed his own cock into The Boy’s mouth to pacify him.

Master Marko soon found a steady pace sliding in and out of The Boy Noah. This new owner turned The Boy around like a roast, flipping him on his back and sliding his DILF cock back in. Master Stone kissed the boy deeply as if to tell Boy Noah what a great job he’s doing. The sensory overload was too much for Master Marko at that point-he howled as his balls tightened and blew his load into The Boy’s guts.