The Boy Clayton, Chapter 3: The Prize

One gloriously sunny afternoon at his mansion, Master Legrand Wolf was feeling hot. It wasn’t related to the simmering summer day, though; he had taken sole possession of a scrumptious young lad named Boy Clayton when he purchased the tall, chiseled twink at a recent Buyers’ auction.

What was Master Legrand want to do with such a handsome, obedient Slaveboy? As was his habit, the tall wealthy man instructed the purchased pet with the innocent eyes, wanton lips, and bubblegum tongue to take down the Master’s underwear and swallow the rock-hard master-meat that was finally set free.

The Buyer’s massive daddy dick throbbed and bobbed in the Boy’s hands. As the hungry, handsome youth dutifully pleasured the massive shaft, Master Legrand removed his silk tie. He fantasized about tying the boy’s hands behind his back with it and forcefully face-fucking the fine young fellow, but then decided instead on another activity.

During their first night together, Master Legrand was uncharacteristically caught off guard by just how tight the Slaveboy’s hole was. He would never admit this to anyone, but he was so turned on by Boy Clayton’s prime physique and perfect bottom, he nearly came inside the Boy’s impossibly tight hole when he was barely halfway in.

By the end of their first night, however, Master Legrand had fully re-established his primal control. He had successfully fucked and blasted inside his Slaveboy in the exact and precise manner in which Masters expect.


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