The Boy Noah, Chapter 6: The Prize

When I bought Boy Noah, I followed protocol and fucked him on the auction block in front of the other Buyers. The truth is I would have fucked him on the auction block, protocol be damned, or in the first bathroom stall I could find. I couldn’t get my dick in that Boy’s hole fast enough.

I want a Boy eager and well-trained enough to learn to know what I want before I do to service me with smooth, impeccable efficiency. I don’t need a Boy to fear me, but I do need him to worship me. I’m a handsome man. Let’s be honest, I’m a hunk. I always was, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve worked hard to stay that way.

I told him to go shower and meet me in my bedroom. He got ready in record time and came meekly crawling in the door. When he knelt up between my legs and I said, “Undress me,” he turned into a sex-crazed little beast.

He could barely hold himself back from ripping the buttons off of the front of my shirt. I told him to unbuckle my belt and he slipped it out of my pants and practically threw it across the room.

As soon as I let him, he pounced on me like a dog with his favorite bone. He swallowed my eight inches like it was nothing. I almost wished he had choked on it just a little bit…