The Boy Jack Waters, Chapter 2: The Appraisal

Armed with his steel clipboard and a no-nonsense, steely gaze, Master Banner called for the measurements of the entire anatomy of The Boy Jack Waters. Master Stone and Master Saint sized the still blindfolded Slaveboy while Master Banner feverishly notated every ounce and inch.

After the exhaustive work of measuring and appraising the Slaveboy was complete, Master Banner announced that it was time for the second appraisal phase. Master Saint chuckled to himself as he observed the Boy Jack draw a sharp breath when Master Banner grabbed the Slaveboy’s junk. Boy Jack remained wordless, remembering any comment or complaint would nullify the contract.

Soon, the Boy Jack was bent over so as to gain better, easier access to every Master’s favorite slave boy feature- the smooth, pink, virginal twink boy hole. Master Banner pressed his finger up against the subordinate’s pinched pucker and, to everyone’s sheer delight, there was hardly any give. Tens of thousands of dollars would be feverishly handed over by men at the Auction to be the one to break that in.

Master Stone swiped his tongue against the Slaveboy’s smooth anal crevice. Then the silver-daddy Master tried putting his finger inside. The hole gave way slightly better than previously, but not by much. Whoever would fuck the lad first was going to have to go slow; they surely wouldn’t want to wreck the inexperienced youth. Not right away anyway.

Truth be told, the number of penises that Boy Jack had taken in his life were likely fewer than there were men in the room with him now. Master Saint groaned and adjusted himself as he watched his fellow Master fingerbang the boy. Fresh meat, indeed. Master Stone kept this in mind as he tried to reckon with any reasonable certainty how the youth’s pink hole could clench so tight!