Hung Horny Swimmers

With the kind of heat so many millions of us have been experiencing throughout this summer the thought of enjoying a cooling play in the pool with boys like Kieron Zaks and Antony Carter is extremely tempting, but the BoyFun these gorgeous young guys share is enough to have our temperatures rising again.

After a little splashing around in the water these two are soon greedily sucking on meaty cocks, with young blond boy Kieron showing off some incredible oral skills.

Antony’s big dick sure appreciates all the deep sucking but he’s eager to show that he’s just as skilled. With his friend’s equally thick and long penis freed from his trunks Antony gags and gobbles on the delicious dong to make it dribble and drip precum, a finger up the boy’s hole to add even more pleasure.

The frantic fun only escalates when Antony licks his bottom buddy’s hairless little hole, he’s soon pumping his big bareback swimmer cock into him and giving young Kieron the kind of fucking he really needs.

It’s such an intense session of raw youthful sex that it’s really no wonder the boys make so much cummy mess.

Kieron gets a big messy load straight from Antony’s squirting cock before his lover gets his mouth back on his dick to suck the thick cream from him, finishing with a gooey kiss.



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