Antony Carter + Ollie Barn

When two gorgeous and super horny young guys get together anything can happen, but stiff-dicked BoyFun is what we all imagine and that’s exactly what we get in this hot bareback play session with Ollie Barn and Antony Carter.

Danny Junior is probably going to regret getting handsome lad Antony all worked up on the couch before having to run and leaving his hard-cocked buddy in the company of gamer boy Ollie.

Antony isn’t scared to turn his attention immediately to his other friend, seeking relief for his throbbing erection. Young Ollie might not have been involved in instigating his pal’s erection but he’s more than willing to take advantage of the opportunity now that Danny is out of the picture.

And so begins and incredibly hot session of penis pleasure between the two boys, revealing their lithe and lean bodies while they suck and lick each other’s drooling cocks, slurping the hard and warm meat sprouting from between their thighs.

With some licking and fingering of young Ollie’s hole Antony is soon getting the relief he needs, plunging his raw rod deep into his buddy and fucking him from behind before giving young Ollie an amazing ride on his joystick.

As Antony’s desperation to cum takes over and their rampant ramming leads to their creamy conclusion the fit top takes his pal on his back and rams it home, finishing with a spurting load of cum from Ollie’s uncut shaft and a messy delivery unleashed from Antony’s tip to decorate his chest.

We don’t know what game Ollie was playing, but he definitely scored big.

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