Tim Gottfrid + Liam Rose

It’s a modern take on the old Pizza Delivery guy story, and we’re definitely here for it. When sexy Tim Gottfrid arrives with a bag of hot food for young Liam Rose it soon becomes apparent that his customer doesn’t have enough money to pay for his lunch. That’s not a problem for Tim, he accepts BoyFun as payment from the right customer.

Liam is in heaven. Not only does he get a free meal he’s soon got a big throbbing uncut cock to suck on.

Tim has more dick than most, it’s a long and throbbing totem of pleasure young Liam is soon rubbing and sucking, but it’s quickly obvious that his new guest is just as hungry for dick and with Liam’s equally impressive tanned twink meat freed from his pants Tim is quickly on it.

Liam has almost completely forgotten about his lunch when Tim is eating out his pucker and sliding his girthy length deep inside, fucking the boy raw from behind. Tim’s balls are pulled up tight while his shaft pumps in and out, thrusting inside Liam’s damp and warm tunnel, the ride young Liam takes on that rigid pipe of naked fuckstick only brings them closer to the creamy finish they both crave.

With his hole twitching and his cock loaded Liam wanks himself to a spooge spurting finale while Tim aims his own leaping load at the boy’s smooth chest, ending with the lucky customer being splashed with hot jizz from his nipples to his dick.

This is the kind of food delivery service that deserves more than a 5 star rating.


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