Liam Rose + Justin Host

Liam Rose is always playing games, but Justin Host knows there are other games to play that are far more fun. It’s doesn’t take very long at all for the wooden blocks to be abandoned for some smooches, and we all know where that leads for two horny BoyFun twinks like these.

They can’t even put the blocks away properly before they’re turning to each other and stripping off their clothes.

The smooth young guys are quickly producing those big throbbing erections for wanking and sucking, taking turns to please each other, tasting the precum oozing from their pal’s penis head.

With balls full and their meat swollen the adorable duo quickly progress to some lovely rimming, with lucky boy Justin enjoying the wet tongue of his pal in preparation for the bareback pleasure to come.

Justin welcomes it eagerly, the thick muscle his friend provides slips between his damp cheeks and fills his hole, the thrusting from above making the bed bounce.

A ride on his buddy gives the boy more control but the spooning allows Liam’s lovely shaft to delve deeper, hitting his sweet spot and encouraging his warm milky mess to begin splashing from his rampant rod in a messy climax.

The gooey finish young Liam delivers is just as sexy, slinging his semen from his satisfied cock as it leaps out and spurts all over Justin’s cute face.

That sure beats any other game the two might have spent the afternoon playing.



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