Noah Smith + Melo Prince

Slim little Melo Prince is enjoying a swing in the park when he catches the attention of Noah Smith. It’s certainly not the best place to be engaging in some rampant BoyFun but the two are soon heading for the bedroom where their instant lust for each other can take control.

And take control it does. Within moments of arriving the two are making out and their clothes are coming off. They’re well matched when it comes to their smooth and lithe bodies, and their deliciously stiff cocks.

Noah enjoys some slurps of his super rigid dong before returning the favor and giving his smooth and paler new friend some good sucks, but he’s soon focusing on the boy’s hairless little hole.

Melo loves the feel of his pal’s tongue dancing around his pucker, but he appreciates the feel of that warm and wet bareback muscle easing into him even more.

Buggered from behind young Melo is soon enjoying a ride on his buddy’s tanned dick, his own penis flopping around and being wanked in a friendly reach around.

The final spooning gets the boys there. Melo pumps his juices and makes a lovely twink mess before his new lover launches his own milky goo right into his adorable face.

This certainly beats spending the afternoon in the park.



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