Baxtian Bastidas

We see a lot of gorgeous boys who seem to be natural BoyFun performers, but we think Baxtian Bastidas has been watching a lot of our videos and came prepared to give the fans exactly what they want.

This super smooth and sexy young man likes to work out and stay in shape, but he’s not a big muscle guy yet. He’s just at that perfect point between twink and jock.

He seems to know he looks good, revealing his tanned body and instantly oiling himself up for a good show. There’s not a guy watching who wouldn’t love to be there to oil him up themselves.

Stripped down to just his bulging briefs and his sexy white socks he’s soon groping the shape of his swelling penis. We can already tell he has a lovely cock to play with and in moments he’s slipping those undies down to reveal his lovely uncut dick.

Watch as Baxtian teases us a little, discreetly massaging his meat before lifting his legs to display his smooth pucker.

This boy seems to be quite new to showing his hole, but the innocent and teasing way he does it will have you all wishing you could slide inside and fill him up.

It’s clear he came prepared. With a little more slippery wanking of his throbbing penis he’s gushing out a volcanic flood of cum, his warm semen flowing over his fingers and hand, making his satisfied banana even more slick with his boy juices.

We can’t wait to see him again, and we know you can’t either.



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