Sammy Gates

Slovakian twink Sammy Gates has arrived for his debut BoyFun cock stroke and we’re happy to have him entertaining the viewers. I think you’re all gonna be hoping for more of this smooth young guy and his long boner and hot butt after this delivery.

The eighteen year old is a confident and self-assured young man who knows what the audience wants to see. Being an avid masturbator, as all eighteen year old guys are, he’s more than happy to play with his uncut dick for you and encourage you to wank along to his show.

With a little massaging through his pants he’s soon slipping them off to get to grips with the mound of pleasure swelling up in his underwear.

His t-shirt is soon slipping off too, revealing his smooth and lean body. Shortly after his briefs are down and we find he has a lovely thick and pink uncut cock to rub and slowly play with.

The boy knows you need more than that. Hopping up onto the bed he shows off his tight little ass, his cheeks spread while his full pink balls hang between his thighs.

You’ll be struggling to decide whether you’d want to dive right in and fuck him good and deep or spend some time underneath sucking on those ample plums.

We’re not sure what he would prefer, but he’s probably thinking about that while he lays back on the bed and rubs his cock with increasing urgency until his teen cock cream is gushing out in an impressive fountain that splashes down over the sheets and his closely trimmed pubes.




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