Ass Fucking Houseboat Fun

It’s a rainy day out on the water, but the depressing weather won’t dampen the horny spirits of BoyFun sailor twinks Ollie Barn and Jean Gilliam.

Jean is the first to rise and note the drizzle beyond the porthole. He might be wondering how they should start their day when he wakes sexy Ollie, but the boy already has a big morning boner to display to his pal when he opens his eyes.

Of course nothing else is needed, the weather doesn’t matter when there’s a delicious length of youthful cock to suck on.

Jean gets to work on his pal’s immense penis, sucking on the wet head and tonguing it teasingly. It’s enough to have any boned-up sailor boy wanting to return the favor and Ollie soon is.

With both uncut cocks rigid and damp Jean is eager to offer his own porthole for a very special view, one that Ollie is soon lapping at before plunging his oversize staff inside.

It’s clear Jean is the most experienced of young seamen, after a buggering from behind the boy is impaling his hole down on his shipmate’s rod and enjoying a ride before his pal is ready to douse his butt in frothy foam, easing his gooey pipe right back inside to seed his naval boy’s pucker.

Such a lustful fucking is sure to have any twink needing release, and with his ass creamed young Jean is laying back to pump waves of his own cum up his hairless body.

Even if the weather does clear up we know these two will find ways to busy themselves for the rest of their day.



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