Scott Smith & Tony Keit

Adorable Tony Keit is the kind of BoyFun twink many a guy would love to fuck, and that’s certainly true of horny local boy Scott Smith. After checking out some sexy cock pics on his phone he’s eager to make contact and invite the boy over, and you know Tony is always down to get his hard inches and tight little ass out for a new friend. In no time the two boys are getting to know each other on Scott’s couch, their lips meeting in a hungry kiss and their shirts slipped off for the smooth boys to explore with their groping hands. With cocks stiff in their pants the two reveal their hard lengths for each other, their rampant boners jousting and frotting between them while they compare their erections for the first time. They both love what they see and they can’t wait to enjoy a taste of each other. Watch as Tony wraps his cute mouth around Scott’s delicious cock, his own hard length being wanked by his pal while he worships. It seems this boy could spend all afternoon sucking and licking his new friend’s gorgeous meat, but the boy isn’t going to say no to getting his own cock slurped. Scott is eager to return the favor, pleasuring his pal’s penis with his skilled lips before finally giving his guest what he really came for. With Tony on his back Scott eases his naked muscle inside, pumping his bare length in his buddy’s ass. Watch as Scott fucks him from behind before relaxing and allowing young Tony to ride his impressive length. It’s enough to have any top boy ready to blast his youthful cream, which is what Scott soon does when he pulls his dick out of that warm tunnel and makes a gooey mess. That’s all Tony needs to be wanking out his own milky cum over his friend’s hairless abs. We all know it won’t be the last time these local boys hook up.



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