Apolo Fernandez + Jean Gilliam

Handsome young Apolo Fernandez makes friends very easily, especially when they’re BoyFun twinks like Jean Gilliam. The two encounter each other on the steps of one of the oldest buildings in the historic town and young Jean is interested in the photos the tourist has been taking. Of course, their love for history isn’t as strong as their love for cock. Apolo is the first to make a physical move, a little grope of his new pal’s inner thigh is enough to send the message that there’s more these two new friends could be doing other than looking at photos. In no time at all the sexy duo are back in the bedroom where Apolo is staying and making out against the wall, their lust spilling over while they strip down to reveal their smooth twinky bodies. Apolo’s big curved cock is freed, hard and glistening, ready for young Jean to lick, suck and wank him, and the boy does a great job of it before being laid out on the bed for Apolo to service in return. If you think Jean is a pro when it comes to servicing a pal you’ll be pleased to see Apolo delivering his own slurping pleasures with equal gusto. He works that uncut cock with skill before turning his attention to his hot little hole. With Jean’s pucker properly licked and wet he’s ready to slide in and fill the boy up, a treat that young Jean makes the most of. Watch the boy take it from behind before hopping on for a ride and finishing up with a spooning fuck. The gooey white mess Apolo dumps all over his new pal’s ass crack is just as hot as the mess young Jean wanks out of his own dick, spurting his semen over his slim little body. This is how a local boy should welcome all hot tourists like Apolo.



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