Liam Rose + Korben Dallas

Twinks like Korben Dallas and Liam Rose love to play games, but for these BoyFun hotties those games always end up with a hard cock sliding inside a welcoming hole. Korben is enjoying some quiet time on the couch when his smooth young friend arrives with some oversized playing cards and suggests a simple game of snap. Of course, it’s just a very clever way to start getting naked together, and his friend isn’t reluctant at all. While Liam was the one to suggest the game he’s quickly on a losing streak, and once down to his bulging underwear the game completely shifts. Korben is quick to get a grope of that big package and as their lips meet more clothes are abandoned. With cocks freed and slipping between lips the two horny young friends are happy to be worshiping those delicious dicks, but a little rimming of Korben’s tight and hairless hole reveals where their simple game is leading. The boy struggles to take all of that big bareback cock, but it’s understandable considering young Liam has so much dick to share with him. Our top boy takes it slow, giving his friend a ride on his meat and pumping him determinedly with the slim young guy on his back. While Korbin might have won at cards no one is the loser by the time their spermy loads are shooting.



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